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The Spark of Life Community, Inc. is a new venture grown from a combination of the Spark of Life Metaphysical fair and the Divine Essence Spiritual Center (DESC)! DESC was a community group started in 2012 dedicated to serving the alternative spiritual and holistic communities through raising awareness of the many walks of life, as well as providing holistic healing services. We have restructured DESC and are looking forward to new ventures under the new name of Spark of Life Community, Inc.!! We’re very excited for the future, and hope you’ll join us in our adventures! Follow us on Facebook for future updates!

We are super excited to announce – we are planning our GRAND OPENING for the new non-profit, Spark of Life Community, Inc.!!! We’d like to invite you to join us at Iron Clad Coworking, 407 Poyntz Ave, Manhattan from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 22 for refreshments, conversation, and fun! We can’t wait to see you!!

We are a group of individuals dedicated to assisting people in enjoying fuller, healthier lives. We are working to bring together the many spiritual, holistic, and alternative communities as well as some of the well-known but rarely discussed avenues of personal assistance. Spark of Life Community, Inc. strives to maintain a well-organized and dynamic organization to generate an atmosphere that encourages people of all traditions to coexist peacefully.

Our additional goal through the Spark of Life Metaphysical Fair is to shed some light on misconceptions based on social stigmas and to raise awareness of all walks of life through education, acceptance, and compassion. The Spark of Life Community, as well as the Fair, seek to promote continuing education as well as personal and spiritual growth.

Feel free to grab a cup of coffee, relax, and peruse our pages for information on holistic and alternative learning opportunities from local teachers and practitioners!

For a quick reference guide for our upcoming events, click here

 SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The Spark of Life Community, Inc. has a new space for presenting workshops and gatherings!!! Please see our event pages for addresses, as we may still bounce around from time to time. Scheduling for upcoming events can be found on the Groups and Classes page.
(If you’d like to check out Iron Clad for the opportunity to join a growing small-business community, check out their Website! They are wonderful to work with! ironcladcoworking.com)

Meet our Center coordinators!

Justin joined us as a Coordinator in 2017 for the Divine Essence Spiritual Center, and is now a coordinator for the Spark of Life Community! “When unexpected life changes greeted me in March of 2017, I began to look for ways to gain some sense of grounding, centering, strength, and empowerment. I began meditation and buying crystals, and suddenly found myself falling deep into this Metaphysical realm. I stumbled upon the DESC and it allowed me an opportunity to discover, learn, grow, and become one with myself. I love crystals, colors, full moon meditations, and I’ve been told I bring a unique perspective. My goal in joining DESC is to use my personal experiences to walk alongside others on their own paths, while making available a variety of different programs and opportunities that allow growth and empowerment for anyone who chooses to explore.”

Mike joined us in 2016 as a Coordinator for the Spark of Life Metaphysical Fair, and is now a Coordinator for the SOL Community as well! He comes from a musical background as a professional drummer, and dedicated many years to working with the blind as a Rehabilitation Teacher. He enjoys working with people of all interests, and learning something new every day!
Call or text: 785-625-4551

Mandy is a dedicated part of the alternative spirituality and holistic communities in Manhattan, offering her services as a Reiki Master and mandyteacher of Shintai Ryu Manhattan, as well as providing spiritual support and organization to the community!
Text: 785-223-2383




Please feel free to contact the Coordinators anytime via e-mail at sparkoflife_community@yahoo.com with any questions or inquiries about the group, its offerings, or if you are interested in sharing your work!

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