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The Spark of Life Community, Inc. is a group dedicated to serving the local alternative, spiritual, and holistic communities – raising awareness of the many walks of life as well as providing holistic healing services! Follow us on Facebook and/or bookmark this site for future updates!

Thanks to our wonderful community and support group, our Grand Opening and Dine to Donate fundraiser were a success! We love you all! Thanks for joining us – we can’t wait for the fun new adventures ahead!

We are a group of individuals dedicated to assisting people in enjoying fuller, healthier lives. Our goal is to shed light on misconceptions based on social stigmas and to raise awareness of all walks of life through education, acceptance, and compassion. We are bringing together the community through various avenues to promote cohesion and understanding of each other, as well as providing information for services that may assist in the growth and well-being of each individual. Spark of Life Community, Inc. strives to maintain a well-organized and dynamic organization to generate an atmosphere that encourages people of all traditions to coexist peacefully.

The Spark of Life Community seeks to promote personal growth, shifting perspectives and enhancing compassion while building communities of understanding and tolerance.

Feel free to grab a cup of coffee, relax, and peruse our pages for information on holistic and alternative learning opportunities from local teachers and practitioners!

For a quick reference guide for our upcoming events, click here

 SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The Spark of Life Community, Inc. has a new space for presenting workshops and gatherings!!! Please see our event pages for addresses, as we may still bounce around from time to time. Scheduling for upcoming events can be found on the Local Classes and Events page.

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